2016 Jeep Wrangler | Amani Forged Freccia |

Mercedes S550 | Amani Forged Artista

BMW 745 on Vito

Gil Lexus GS | Amani Forged Aristo

Chevrolet Silverado | Amani Forged Karma

Cadillac Escalade | Amani Forged Cavo

Mercedes S550 | Amani Foged Artista

Mercedes S550 | Amani Foged Artista

75' Caprice | Amani Forged Vice

Oldsmobile Delta 88 | Amani Forged Lusso

Stuntfest 2K16

Stuntfest 2K16

Ford Mustang | Amani Forged Vito

Ford F-350 | Amani Forged Mondo Lite

Ferrari 458 | Amani Forged Luxen

Ferrari 458 | Amani Forged Luxen

Dodge Challenger | Amani Forged Biscayne

Jeep Wrangler | Amani Forged Tremendo

Jeep Wrangler | Amani Forged Tremendo

Amani Booth Open House 2016

Benz on Amani Forged Wald Bison Body Kit

Caprice on Solari

Jeep on Luxen (off-road series)

Gil Infiniti on Stance

72' Vert Impala on Turbo

71' Caprice | Amani Foged Delo 8

Box Chevy | Amani Forged Vornado

Mercedes S Coupe on Delano

Rich Homie Quan's Amani Forged Royal

Amani Forged Submit Your Photos

Custom Vaydor on Amani Forged Vaydor's

Custom Vaydor on Amani Forged Vaydor's

Choose your Series

The forged series is our standard series of wheels with the hottest and most popular designs that we have. The forged series is our entry level of wheels and are simple designs.
The Platinum series is our VIP series of wheels with some of the most exclusive and wildest designs on the market. The Platinum series is our premium series of wheels for a reason.
The concave series of wheels are designed differently than any of our other series of wheels that we have. We build our concave wheels in a way that makes sure that your wheels end up with the maximum amount of concavity possible.
The sandman series of wheels is a series of wheels that are all designed from a custom car builder in Tennessee. All of the designs are his orignal designs that we made possible through the Amani line.
The off-road series is our newest series and is growing more and more popular. With big lips and crazy specs our off road wheels are all one of a kind with some of the best looking designs on the market.

All New

This 2014 Audi q7 sitting on our new amani forged artista is a beautiful combination. the artista’s give this q7 a luxury look to set this vehicle apart from the rest of the q7’s that you might see out on the road.
the amani forged Bocca is an engeneering and design work of art. from the design to the forging in the wheel, this wheel is truly 1 of 1. a design like this has never been seen before and is sure to turn heads when you’re rolling.
Build your Amani Forged wheel using our Wheel & Car Builder with carbon fiber, brushed, custom color options & more!

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