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step 1: pick your design

The first step that goes into building your next custom set of Amani Forged Wheels is for you to pick what wheel design you like the most for your ride.

With over 200 different designs to choose from, there will definitely be at least one if not multiple designs that you will fall in love with.

Amani Forged Wheels are all custom designed in house and we pride ourselves on having some of the most unique and intricate designs to have your vehicle standing out from the rest on the street.

step 2: CHoose your profile

dually PROFILE

sizes: 22" - 28"

The Amani Forged dually profile is similar to our off-road profile being a fully forged monoblock piece of aluminum.

The Dually profile is available in sizes from 22" to 28" and is a standard width of 8.5". Our Dually profile is a direct bolt-on fit without the need to use a spacer or adapter on your truck.

There are many different dually specific designs to choose from, check them all out on our wheels page.

off-road PROFILE

sizes: 22x12 - 30x16

The Amani Forged Off-Road profile consists of a California sourced, aerospace-grade, T6-6061 monoblock forged block of aluminum.

Amani Forged offers more than 50 unique designs to choose from for your truck or Jeep build.

All of our Off-Road wheels come with billet caps standard with every order, none of those plastic caps here.


sizes: 20" - 32"

Amani Forged is proud to offer many different variations of our standard "flat" profile. To see the full list of profiles visit the forgings page.

​All Amani Forged profiles are aerospace-grade, California sourced forged pieces of T6 6061 aluminum.

​Our standard profile consists of a convex forging and is the simplest among all of our profiles making it available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20" to 32" wheels.

​The standard profile is what most of our wheels are made in and is the most popular forging profile that we sell.


sizes: 22" - 26"

The Amani Forged AXL profile is one of our newest and most signature profiles available.

The AXL profile takes concave to another level! The AXL profile is one of the most concave profiles that we offer, with a profile that extends out to the edge of the lip.

​The AXL profile offers a very unique and luxurious look to any vehicle. Popular among high-end luxury vehicles and SUV's, the AXL profile offers features unavailable in any other profile we offer.


sizes: 22" - 26"

Amani Forged offers a variety of concave profiles that look great on any luxury car or SUV. There are a few different variations of our concave profiles that you can view on our site to see what best fits the look that you are going for.

Some benefits to going with a concave wheel over a standard profile wheel are that a concave wheel can allow for a bigger lip size in some cases, gives your vehicles a more luxurious look, and helps with big brake clearance.

step 3: engineering

Every time you place an order with Amani Forged your wheels go through a stage called engineering. This is where we take the information that you give us about your vehicle, wheel size, profile, and fitment in order to engineer a wheel that is specific for the vehicle you have and the look that you're looking for.

The engineering phase is the most important phase in the whole process to ensure that the set of wheels you're getting fits your vehicle perfectly.


The Machining phase of the build process is arguably the most interesting and fun to watch. All of our Amani Forged wheels are machined in house at our machine shop located in California. We have many different machines that are set up and running 12+ hours per day. Depending on the complexity of the design, a single wheel can take up to 10 hours to machine into something amazing.

Every wheel starts off as a solid piece of forged aluminum that is lathed down into a profile that is useable and efficient to put onto the machine table. Once the profile is on the machine, the machine will start by drilling through holes throughout the design to isolate where windows in the design are.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of what the machining process looks like!

step 5: Finishing

The next step in the process after your wheels have been machined is to send them to get finished.  Amani Forged prides itself in offering any custom finish that you can pretty much think of.

Most of our wheels are either brushed, polished,  powder-coated, or a combination of more than one of those.

Amani Forged has thousands of different color and finish options available to have your next set of wheels hitting different than the rest on the street.

step 6: assembly

The final stage of the build process is the assembly stage. If you purchased a set of 2 or 3 piece wheels from Amani Forged then your wheels will have to go through the assembly stage. This is where everything comes together, the lip, barrel, and face all meet together in order to create a wheel.

Each piece of hardware is hand placed and torqued to the correct spec to ensure a reliable and balanced wheel.


Ford F-350 Platinum

WHEELS: 30x16 | Amani forged Pura
TIRES: 42/1650/30 | Fury Tires
LIFT: 30" Custom Lift | Built by Plan B Fab

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